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Plastic Pipe Seals

APPL manufactures a wide range of seals for uPVC pipes used in drinking water and waste water applications including, irrigation, sewerage, land drainage and cable ducting. Our products are suitable for both, pressurized and non-pressurized applications. There are several advantages associated with our plastic pipe seals manufactured in SBR / EPDM / Neoprene / Nitrile and some of them are:

Applications Include :

  • Suitable for automatic assembly
  • Low insertion force
  • Reliable function under extreme condition
  • Vacuum-tight
  • Long life time

3S Joint

Our 3S system is developed for pressure pipes with spigot and socket joints in accordance with BS EN 681-1 and other acclaimed standards. Available in metric (90mm to 630mm) and inch series (4'' to 24'').

4S Joint

Our 4S system is an extension of our 3S design and is used in demanding conditions for pressure and non-pressure pipes. Available in metric (90mm to 400mm) and inch series (4'' to 16'').

Lip Joint

Our Lip seals are suitable for a wide variety of sewer pipes and drain applications. Sizes upto 400mm available.

Locked-In Joint

Our Locked-In seals with a steel reinforcement possess unique sealing properties and mostly used in sewer and pressure applications. The locked-in design has been in the global market for over three decades. Our recent entry into this segment enables us to offer a portfolio of products for the plastic pipe industry. Available in inch series from 4'' to 12''.