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Clay Pipe Seals

APPL is one of the few companies manufacturing an entire gamut of pipe seals for vitrified clay pipes in diameters ranging from 100mm to 600mm. Our product portfolio consists of traditional L-Ring couplings as well as specially designed adaptor seals such as P-Rings, U-Rings, A-Rings and B-Rings. Seals are manufactured in EPDM, NR, SBR and customized polymers blends to yield superior adhesion and compression properties. Other couplers such are manufactured with steel ring or metal inserts bonded with the required polymer.

Applications primarily include:

  • Domestic and Industrial Sewage
  • Pressurized and Non-Pressurized (Drainage) Systems
  • Micro tunnels
  • Chemical Resistance

L-Rings are used to join vitrified clay pipes. Sizes include 100mm to 600mm.

P-rings act as a replacement for the lost sealing element on the spigot of vitrified clay pipes cut to a shorter length. Sizes include 200mm to 600mm in Standard Strength (SS) and Extra Strength (ES).

U-rings connect vitrified clay pipe sockets to spigot end of uPVC / iron socket. Sizes include 100mm to 200mm.

A-rings connects vitrified clay pipe spigot end to uPVC / iron socket. Sizes include 100mm to 200mm.

B-rings seal existing drilled main pipe with hole to provide for a house connection. Sizes include 150mm and 200mm.