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APPL Manufacturing Capabilities

APPL employs modern manufacturing methods and is equipped with mixers, extruders, calendars, preformers, modern compressors, injection moulding machines, hydraulic & vacuum presses, finishing equipment and a state-of- the-art laboratory to deliver high quality products.

Selection of Material & Compounding

Achieving desirable properties from raw rubber requires careful selection and preparation. High quality rubber parts used in critical applications is achieved by combining several additives. The selection and precise mixing of appropriate additives is known as compounding. The rubber parts made by APPL are dependable in all applications.


The homogeneous mixing of polymers and additives is the key to achieving consistent properties in the finished rubber products. Our mixing division is equipped with internal mixers and mills of various capacities to ensure homogeneous mixing of rubber compounds.

Extrusion / Calendaring

APPL’s modern extrusion lines with the latest cold & hot feed extruders and fully automated post extrusion lines produces precise and ready to mould performs in any form, shape and size. Fully automated calendaring line produces ready to mould sheet performs of constant gauge.


Rubber moulding methods at APPL utilizes both compression and injection moulding presses. The range of compression and injection presses with high tonnage capacities and the joining press produce standard gaskets or special seals in small and large volumes. APPL is one of the few companies worldwide that boasts a 2.5m press for large products.


APPL’s extensive portfolio of moulds of all sizes and a variety of seals cater to almost every kind of pipe & size. Highly skilled technical staff and quality equipment enable quick delivery.


High capacity cryogenic tumbling machines and multiple trimming stations ensure that the final product is free from unwanted flash and maintains superior appearance.