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Pipe Seals

APPL has been a pioneer in the rubber seals segment for over three decades. We produce over 300 different pipe seals using more than 30 different compounds with a diverse range of polymers such as EPDM, NBR, SBR, CR and Natural Rubber etc., all of which meet stringent specifications of profile and material.

APPL provides a durable cost effective solution to sound jointing, whatever the application. Sophisticated and flexible techniques ensure optimum cost and consistent quality in both small and large volumes. Our core product range includes sealing rings for use with pipes of various materials including Ductile Iron (DI), GRP, Clay, Concrete and uPVC.

Moulded rings are manufactured in diameters ranging from 80 - 2200 mm without joints. APPL, equipped with a state of the art 2.5 meter compression moulding machine, is one of the few companies worldwide which manufactures joint less gaskets in such large diameters. Seals for pipes and fittings of larger diameters up to 4000 mm are manufactured by hot vulcanization jointing process. Our products are the preferred choice of leading pipe manufacturers all over the world.

Our pipe seals conform to various international specifications such as BS: 2494, DIN 4060, IS 5382, BS EN 681-1 , ASTM F 477, etc. and are approved worldwide including WRAS (UK), BSI (UK), NSF (USA), ACS (France), TZW (Germany), Flowtite (Norway), RAPRA (UK), Cersie (Italy), Sanitary Conclusion (Russia) and AS/NZS 4020 (Australia). Pipe seals for the Indian Market are approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards and carry the "ISI" mark.

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