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Rail Pads

  • Applications

  • Grooved Rail Pads

    APPL is one of the few approved suppliers of grooved rubber pads to the Indian Railways and to Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) projects across the country. Our products are also used extensively outside India.

    The combination of grooved design and selected rubbers gives these pads their unique high resilience, robustness and anti-weathering properties. Their superiority to those manufactured from other materials has been amply proven by their ability to reduce dynamic forces by up to 65% - a crucial consideration as railway systems worldwide adopt higher speed and greater axle loads.

    The grooved rail pads positioned between the underside of the rail and top of the sleeper provide effective impact attenuation and extended life.

  • Studded Rail Pads

    Manufactured in a variety of natural & synthetic elastomers, these rail pads are designed to withstand the most demanding operating environments.They are the first choice of rail systems worldwide as they adopt higher speeds and increased standards of passenger comfort and safety.

    Studded rail pads provide excellent impact attenuation, noise suppression, improved passenger comfort and extended track and ballast life.

    In addition to grooved and studded pads, APPL also manufactures dual composite rail pads. The unique design of these rail pads uses a combination of two polymers to provide superior performance and extended pad life. Other ancillary rail products include Base Plate Pads, Sleeper Boots, Under Sleeper Pads (USPs) and Ballast Mats.

Base Plate Pad

Turnout Pad

Dual Polymer Rail Pad