Welcome to Andhra Polymers .
Andhra Polymers, an ISO 9001 Company is India's leading manufacturer of seals and Rubber gaskets for water and gas pressure pipes and a leading supplier to the non-pressure pipe seal market. The company is also a leading manufacturer of rail pads for the protection of concrete rail sleepers from damage caused by the dynamic forces of passing trains. In addition, its product range includes a variety of custom moulded rubber parts.

With almost 3 decades of experience in the manufacture of pipe seals and rail pads, Andhra Polymers has built up a wealth of expertise in these areas.

Modern manufacturing facilities at its plant include mixing, calendaring, extrusion compression and injection moulding.

Andhra Polymers strength lies in the design and manufacture of products with the most stringent technical specifications and quality requirements.

As a pioneer in the formulation of compounds, the Company is skilled in developing customized solutions to the most complex problems. Working hand in hand with its customers, Andhra Polymers develops products for specific requirements and solutions that really work.

Advanced manufacturing capabilities enable it to produce both standard and specialized products in either small or large volumes.

Andhra Polymers commitment to quality not only focuses on supplying technical products with the highest standards of quality assurance, but also encompasses the provision of technical services, speed and reliability of supply. Ongoing investment in new plant and equipment is an essential component of the Company's strategy.

Put simply, Andhra Polymers aims to provide superior products, quality, service and committed customer support.

A part of an industrial group with an established history of quality products and customer service, Andhra Polymers' manufacturing plant at Hyderabad, India, is set in a 20,000 sq.m. site with a built up area of approximately 10,000 sq.m. and employs 500 people.

The company has promoted Umm Al Quwain Rubber Industries Ltd., (URIL), in UAE. Andhra Polymers' technical and managerial expertise has led to the establishment of URIL as the leading manufacturer of pipe seals and custom moulded products in the Middle East.

Other products of group include:-
     - ' Aerolite '  Calcium Silicate Ceiling tiles ,
     - ' Floora '    Rubber Flooring ,
     - ' TRP '       Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets.